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God can use people in the most unexpected ways. That’s especially true for those called to serve with Mission Aviation Fellowship. These missionaries can spend the better part of a decade learning how to fly and maintain aircraft—then they're raising support, packing up their lives, and learning a new language and culture. 

And it’s all for the purpose of bringing Christ’s love to isolated people who lack access to healthcare, education, disaster relief, and the hope of the gospel. As you can imagine, each MAF missionary has an amazing story to tell. If you’ve seen our documentary Ends of the Earth, you know that’s true. In fact, the movie inspired us to put together this ebook: Stories of Faith from the Ends of the Earth.

And right now, we want to send you a copy for FREE.

Inside these pages, you’ll hear about how God is using men and women just like you for His incredible purposes, including:

  • An MAF family who brought Christ’s love to a young man in Southeast Asia through a children’s storybook Bible.
  • An MAF pilot who remained faithful despite having his airplane destroyed and life threatened by local rebels.
  • An MAF chaplain and other believers whose resolve to go to Ha Senarile—a dangerous area in the African kingdom of Lesotho—has led to an openness to the gospel from the villagers there.

If you’re looking to be inspired by remarkable stories of faith, courage, and adventure, you’ll want to read this ebook. 

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