You’re on your way to a more courageous faith

Have you felt like you don’t have the courage to step into God’s calling in your life? We want to help. 

Our 5-day devotional ebook will give you daily encouragement and the tools you need to live more fearlessly for God. 

When you read this devotional you will learn: 

  • how to discern God’s leading in your life
  • how to overcome when faced with obstacles and even failure
  • what Scripture says about living courageously
  • how to pray for more boldness in your life 

MAF exists to see isolated people changed by the love of Christ by serving together to bring help, hope, and healing through aviation. 

When one of our airplanes needs to be custom-altered to land on a jungle river or carry cargo to a remote mountain village, we modify or “retool” it.

To modify or “retool” something means to adjust or adapt it to make it more suitable for a particular purpose.

That’s what God wants to do with you. He wants to add knowledge, skills, and character traits to your life that make you better suited for the good works He has prepared for you. And He wants to remove the things that hinder your progress.

Are you ready to be retooled by the Lord to be more like Jesus?

Just let us know where to email your free devotional ebook, 5 Tips for a Fearless Faith.


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